What Are Some Interesting Facts About Wolves?

Photo: MrT HK / Flickr
Photo: MrT HK / Flickr

Wolves are carnivorous mammals classified under the dog family. These ferocious animals have distinctive howl patterns that are analogous to fingerprints in humans. Wolves may howl to communicate with their packs or to relay territorial warnings for hostile groups within range.

As of 2015, three species of wolves are considered to be endangered. In the United States, gray wolves are known to inhabit Alaska, while red wolves can be found in the southeastern region. Maned wolves live in the wilderness of the South American continent. Wolves can survive for 6 to 8 years in their natural habitats.

Wolves are social animals that co-exist and search for prey with other members in a pack. As natural predators, wolves jointly hunt for deer, moose, elks and other smaller animals, including fish, lizards, snakes and birds. When wolves encounter humans, these animals generally do not take aggressive actions.