What Do Tiger Salamanders Eat?

Photo: Adam Clause / Flickr
Photo: Adam Clause / Flickr

Tiger salamanders eat an assortment of different insects, including beetles, meal worms and crickets. Although mice are especially fattening to tiger salamanders, they can generally be used as an occasional treat. The primary recommended foods for tiger salamanders are any insects that are low in fat. These salamanders are prone to obesity.

Listed below are several types of insects that are low in fat and provide excellent nutrition value.

    • Earthworms
    • Vegetable-fed crickets
    • Captive cultured cockroaches
    • Wax worms
    • Night crawlers

Tiger salamanders generally hide in burrows during the day and a new handler will need to reach down to grab it. Eventually, once the salamander is accustomed to its new owner, it will eat upon command.