What Are Interesting Facts About Tiger Salamanders?

Photo: John Cleckler, USFWS / Flickr
Photo: John Cleckler, USFWS / Flickr

Tigers can grow up to 14 inches in length and are carnivores. They are also the most prevalent salamanders in North America, usually found in deep burrows located around ponds and lakes. Besides their size, tiger salamanders have several distinct features that separate them from other salamanders.

Listed below are some of their special attributes.

  • Usually brown with yellow stripes and blotches
  • Feed at night
  • Life expectancy ranges between 12 – 16 years in the wild
  • Able to survive arid climates
  • Grow to approximately 4.4 oz
  • Largest salamander to live on land

Tiger salamanders also have the ability to steal possible offspring from one another. During mating season a male can impersonate a female salamander in order to deposit spermtophore on top of the other males.