What Are Some Interesting Facts About Zebras?

ZebraInteresting facts about zebras include…

  • Zebras are hoofed mammals belonging to the equid (horse) family, and they are endemic to Eastern and Southern Africa.
  • The animals are perhaps best known for the black stripe marks on their bodies, which is believed to be an evolutionary adaptation that helps protect them from predators.
  • There are three species of zebras and these include the plains zebra, the mountain zebra and the Grevy’s zebra.

  • Mountain zebras have two sub-types, and these are the Cape mountain zebra and the Hartmann’s zebra.
  • Zebras are social animals that love to gather large groups that are referred to as “harems.”
  • Gathering in groups, coupled with their striped markings, is believed to give zebras added protection from predators.