What Are Some Interesting Facts About Rabbits?

adorable rabbitInteresting facts about rabbits include…

  • Rabbits are small herbivores that live in a variety of areas in North America, southwestern Europe, parts of South America and Africa, some Japanese islands, Sumatra and Southeast Asia.
  • Around half of the global population of rabbits lives on the North American continent.
  • Rabbits live in woodland, meadow, grasslands, wetlands, deserts and forest thicket habitats.

  • The diet of the rabbit consists mainly of crunchy vegetables, grass and clover. Rabbits live in groups, and many of them create rabbit holes, or underground burrows, for shelter.
  • The main predators of rabbits are large birds, snakes and foxes.
  • Due to their destructive capacity, they are generally regarded as a pest species by gardeners and farmers, sometimes necessitating the use of barriers, scare tactics and repellents.