What Are Some Interesting Facts About Pythons?

Burmese PythonInteresting python facts include…

  • Pythons are nonvenomous reptiles that inhabit the jungles, plains, prairies, marshlands and other wooded areas of Southeast Asia, Australia, Madagascar and Africa.
  • Burmese pythons are endemic to Southeast Asia, particularly Indochina, Malayan islands, Thailand, Burma and the southern region of China.
  • Pythons are carnivorous animals that perceive nearby quarry through heat-sensors on their faces.
  • When the prey gets within reach, the pythons coil their bodies around the animal after seizing it with their sharp teeth.

  • Instead of being crushed to death, the prey usually dies from asphyxia.
  • The diet of pythons primarily depends on their sizes. Larger pythons can feed on larger animals, such as monkeys, pigs and antelopes.
  • Smaller pythons usually prey on smaller mammals or reptiles, such as rodents, birds, lizards and domestic fowl.
  • In their natural habitats, pythons do not feed on a daily basis. They can survive for weeks from a single meal.