What Are Some Interesting Facts About Pigs?

pig - joy of animalsInteresting facts about pigs include…

  • Due to their highly adaptable nature, pigs have the ability to thrive in various environmental conditions.
  • These animals are commonly raised as livestock, with their untamed relatives freely roaming the wild.
  • Pigs are valued in the pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • Domesticated pigs are among the smartest in the animal kingdom. Pigs animals can operate simple machines to obtain food and water.

  • Farm pigs are mainly fed corn, soybean or wheat, along with dietary supplements for optimal growth and for maintaining good health. In their natural habitats, wild pigs mainly forage for plants, but they are also known to eat other animals, including birds’ eggs.
  • A common misconception that pigs are filthy animals stems from the fact that pigs have a penchant for rolling in the mud. This is actually a cooling mechanism due to their inability to sweat.