What Are Some Interesting Facts About Jaguars?

jaguarInteresting facts about Jaguars include…

  • The Jaguar’s Native American name means “he who kills with one leap,”
  • They are the largest among the big cats in the Western Hemisphere although their tails are the shortest.
  • They generally weigh between 125 and 200 pounds and are about 30 inches tall.

  • Jaguars, unlike most cats, are good swimmers and hunt turtles, fish and caiman as well as large land animals like deer, monkey or any animal that can be caught including domestic livestock.
  • Jaguars are carnivores that have a diet including at least 87 species.
  • The Jaguar’s coat is tan or orange with distinctive black spots.
  • Jaguars are solitary and only seek other adults during mating.