What Are Some Interesting Facts About Salamanders?

Photo: Will Brown / Flickr
Photo: Will Brown / Flickr

Interesting facts about salamanders include:

  • Salamanders are amphibious animals that are widely distributed north of the equator, particularly inhabiting the wetlands and arid ecosystems in the region.
  • They are often characterized by their smooth, shiny skin and the distinctive markings and coloration on their bodies.
  • Salamanders belong to the same class as toads and frogs.
  • As of 2015, approximately 500 species of salamanders have been identified, although the majority of these species are gravely at risk of extinction.

  • Variation in sizes is common among different species.
  • The tiniest salamander, which measures 1.1 inches in length, is named minute salamander, while the largest is called Chinese giant salamander, which can grow up to 6 feet in length.
  • Salamanders are nocturnal animals, commonly feeding on worms and insects.
  • They are able to grow new limbs and tails after losing them.