What Are Some Interesting Facts About Lambs?

lambInteresting facts about lambs include…

  • Lamb is the term used to refer to the newborn offspring of domesticated sheep.
  • On average, only one or two lambs are born to a ewe each year.
  • Sheep are a medium-sized, hoofed mammal that were domesticated some 10,000 ago by humans for their wool, skin, milk and meat.
  • They belong to a group of animals called ruminants, which means that their stomach have chambers that contain microbes that helps them digest their forages of the day.

  • The breeding season for sheep takes place anywhere between the fall and winter seasons, but some ewe can breed all-year round.
  • After a successful mating period, ewes will give birth to lambs weighing 5 to 8 lbs. after a 145- to 155-day gestation period.