How Do Frogs Mate and Reproduce?

Photo: Brian Gratwicke / Flickr
Photo: Brian Gratwicke / Flickr

The methods of reproduction vary depending on the species of frog as the female frog ova either gets fertilized internally or externally. The fertilized eggs may also be laid in the water to hatch or it may not. Some frogs also give birth to full frogs instead of laying eggs that will hatch tadpoles.

During mating the males seek out the females and then latch onto the backs of the females in a position called amplexus. This position may be held by the mating frogs as long as several days.

The amplexus position stimulates the female to lay her eggs and she does so with the eggs wrapped in a jelly-like substance. Once the female spawns her eggs, the male ejects his semen directly onto the eggs to fertilize them.