What Are Honey Bee Predators?

Photo: Omar Bariffi / Flickr
Photo: Omar Bariffi / Flickr

Various groups of animals prey on honey bees, including amphibians, small reptiles, birds, mammals, arachnids and other insects. The largemouth bass is also known to eat honey bees.

Honey bees, which typically form hive colonies in hollowed out trees, are characterized by their reddish brown and black coloration, with yellow-orange circular patterns on their abdomens. Due to their small size, these insects are a common food source to many species of animals.

Frogs and toads, which are chiefly nocturnal amphibians, hunt for honey bees near hive openings. Lizards, skunks, opossums, raccoons, mice, hummingbirds, common grackles, great crested flycatchers, goldenrod spiders, six-spotted fishing spiders, jumping spiders and shrews are also natural predators of honey bees. Other insects that are known to prey on honey bees include wheel bugs, kissing bugs, robber flies, killer bees and earwigs.