Best Animal Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

The Super Bowl is famous for its commercials, but our favorite ads are those featuring, you guessed it, animals!  Here’s a selection of our favorite ones.

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This is a nice long list, so sit back, enjoy and share with your friends!

Pedigree: Get a Dog (2009)
Pedigree suggests you get a dog instead of exotic animals.  We agree!


Doritos: Pug Attack (2011)
Don’t mess with this pug!


Doritos: Cowboy Kid (2011)
A boy and his trusty dog!



Doritos: When Pigs Fly (2015)
Be careful what you say!


FedEx: Carrier Pigeons (2008)
There’s a reason we don’t use carrier pigeons any more!


Bridgestone: Squirrel (2008)
Watch out there squirrel!



Avocados from Mexico: First Draft Ever (2015)
Love it!

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Friskies: Dear Kitten (2015)
Well, not exactly aired at the Super Bowl, but still brilliant!


Budweiser Animal Commercials

Budweiser has always had a strong showing when it comes to animal commercials at the Super Bowl.  It’s hard to pick a favorite (but you’ll just have to try! 🙂

Budweiser: Frogs (1995)
This is the original one that started it all. Do you remember?


Budweiser: Zebra (2004)
Good one!

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Budweiser: Streaker (2006)
Great, light-hearted commercial from 2006.


Budweiser: Clydesdales Brotherhood (2013)
Get a tissue ready!


Budweiser: Bud Light – Here We Go (2012)
Something less serious…



Budweiser: Puppy Love (2014)
Another touching one..


Budweiser: Lost Dog (2015)
Pull our heart strings!


Android: Friends Furever
This Android commercial is our favorite over here.  Just makes you happy!